Hospital EMR and EHR

It’s hard to consider this the launch of Hospital EMR and EHR, but I never formally announced it on Healthcare Scene and so consider this the official announcement of Hospital EMR and EHR.
Hospital EMR and EHR
I actually first started Hospital EMR and EHR back in May 2010. I guess it’s a good thing that I get it listed on Healthcare Scene before its one year anniversary. Over that time we’ve already done 91 posts focusing on hospital EMR and EHR issues.

We’ve seen really outstanding growth on the hospital EMR and EHR site and I expect we’re just getting started. Some of the largest hospital health IT vendors have been linking to our coverage of the hospital health IT space. Plus, even more hospital employees and hospital vendors are signing up for the email list (you can sign up here).

Most of the content on Hospital EMR and EHR is created by Katherine Rourke, but we also have some really great content from guest contributors and John even chimes in on occasion as well. Let us know what you think of the site and if there are more hospital related topics you’d like us to consider.
Hospital EMR and EHR

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A number of you have been asking for an easy way to get Healthcare Scene updates into your email. While I still haven’t been able to get all of the EMR blogs under one email, I’ve made some progress. If you’re interested in getting the email updates for the following websites, you can do so at this link or below the list.
Meaningful Health IT News with Neil Versel
Happy EMR Doctor
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Hospital EMR and EHR
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The best part is that as we add new blogs to the Healthcare Scene blog network, you’ll get the updates from the new blogs as well. All in one nice aggregate package. If I ever figure out a way to combine feeds, I’ll add them to this email as well. You can now sign up to any Healthcare Scene email list above including one aggregate email which includes posts from every blog.

Until then, here are links to sign up for the other major healthcare scene websites email lists:
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EMR Thoughts Website Officially Launched

We’re a little bit delayed on the formal announcement of a couple of the new Healthcare Scene websites that we launched. We’ll try and catch up with the announcements over the next week. We’ve been busy building out the network and now have 14 different Healthcare Scene blogs in the network. That’s pretty amazing growth considering before HIMSS in March we only had 3.
EMR and EHR Thoughts
Today, I wanted to tell you about the official launch of the EMR Thoughts website. Many of you might have seen the website already since I’ve been posting there for a while now. However, I’m sure that many readers of the Healthcare Scene network haven’t heard about EMR Thoughts.

To be quite frank, I wasn’t quite sure what would come of the EMR Thoughts website. I just knew that I needed another place to be able to post the various EMR and EHR content that I thought was worthy of being posted. Thus, EMR thoughts was born.

Over time, it seems that EMR Thoughts has kind of come into its own with a general focus around what’s happening in the EMR and EHR industry. Many of the posts look at the EMR and EHR market. Others have looked at physician adoption of technology. Plus, we’ve had some pretty interesting coverage of the EMR and Healthcare IT job market.

I can’t promise the website will stick to just those topics, but I’m quite sure there will be a heavy emphasis along those same lines. So, if you’re someone interested in what’s happening with EMR and EHR software, then you’ll love EMR Thoughts. Check it out and join in the comments.
EMR and EHR Thoughts

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New EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT Video Website

I’m really excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to the Healthcare Scene blog network: EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT Videos. It’s a nice extension to the existing EMR and HIPAA brand of websites including the EMR News and EMR Screenshots websites.

You can see that we’ve already been posting a variety of EMR videos to the website. However, we have many more to come. I’m also considering the idea of doing a regular EMR video series on the site where I take interesting topics and respond to them in a short video format. If you like that idea, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.

Either way, it’s amazing to see the number of Healthcare IT and EMR related videos that are being posted online now. So, this will provide a great outlet for those that enjoy watching videos on various EMR and healthcare IT topics.

If you have a great EMR, EHR or Healthcare IT related video that you think we should post to the website, let us know on the EMR videos contact us form.

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Healthcare Scene Network of EMR and Healthcare IT Blogs

Check out the various EMR and Healthcare IT related blogs and websites that are part of the Healthcare Scene network:

Hospital EMR and EHR

Healthcare IT Central Job Board
Healthcare IT Today

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New EMR Screenshots Website Launched!

The Healthcare Scene network of blogs is really excited to announce the launch of a new website called EMR and EHR screenshots. EMR and EHR Screenshots great new addition to the Healthcare Scene blog network and an extension of the extremely popular EMR and HIPAA blog.

I originally had the idea for an EMR and EHR sreenshots website when an EHR vendor sent me over a stack of screenshots from their EHR software. I loved the chance to see the look and feel of the EMR software and when I posted it to EMR and HIPAA, the readers seemed to really enjoy looking at the various screens and EMR interfaces. From that, EMR and EHR Screenshots was born.

We’re going to be working to collect screenshots of all the 300+ EMR and EHR companies out in the market today. We’re certain this won’t be an easy task, but we believe it will be of great value to doctors, practice managers and even EMR and EHR vendors themselves.

We’re looking to build long term relationships with EMR companies that provide screenshots of their EMR software as it evolves over time. Plus, as we post the screenshots for these EMR companies, we’ll be linking to the EMR company itself where users can find out more info. A great way to reward the well done EMR user interfaces with traffic to their website.

If you’re interested in providing us some screenshots of your EMR and EHR software, just drop us a note on our Contact Us page or email us at screenshots (at) emrandhipaa (dot) com. I can’t wait to see the best EMR screenshots out there today. Not to mention how the EMR interfaces evolve over time.

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New Healthcare Scene Logos

I just finished creating some new logos to use in the header of all the various Healthcare Scene websites. I think they look pretty good for a novice graphics guy like me while still creating a relatively consistent brand. I’ve uploaded all the new logos below and each one links to the various Healthcare Scene website.

Let me know what you think and be sure to read all the latest Healthcare Scene content.

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New Healthcare Scene Blog Post Aggregator

I’m really pleased to announce a new feature on Healthcare Scene. It’s an aggregator of the various blog posts across the Healthcare Scene network. Ok, so I have a few more blogs to move to the network so that it aggregates them properly, but we’re getting there slowly but surely.

The cool thing is that there’s even an RSS feed for all the Healthcare Scene blogs. So, you can stay up to date with all the latest happenings across all the various healthcare and healthcare IT blogs on the network with one feed. Once I get the other 3-4 blogs moved over to the network, I’ll put up an email subscription so you can also subscribe to the whole network by email if you’d like.

We’re still adding more features all the time. So, keep coming back as we continue to make the #1 place for independent Healthcare and Healthcare IT voices!

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Welcome to the Future Home of Healthcare Scene is still under construction, but thanks for stopping by!

While you wait for the redesign of this site, go and check out all the already active Healthcare Scene network of websites:

If you’re interested in having a blog on the blog network or interested in moving your current blog to the network, let us know in the comments.

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