is a leading blog network which presents some of the highest-impact health IT content on the Web. We offer a wide range of high-value marketing and editorial vehicles, including white papers, case studies, webinars, blogs, and custom content. We also conduct surveys of our readership on behalf of our sponsors, and provide survey-based articles, press releases and social media items.

Though you could produce your own content, offers some important advantages:

  • Independent Content – As independent publishers, our work stands out from company-generated sales materials produced by your competitors. People read custom content and refer to it often, while sales-oriented materials are often discarded.
  • Experienced Content Creators – Our content is developed by high-profile industry influencers and top healthcare journalists with decades of specialized healthcare and IT experience.
  • Distinctive Approach – We bring a fresh, compelling voice to your project which helps you raise customer involvement and generate warmer leads.

Healthcare Content Options:

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Blog Content
  • Surveys
  • Custom Content

For more detailed information on the various Healthcare Scene content creation options leave us a note on our Contact Us page.

Distribution Options
While many people are just looking for custom content for their company, others are also looking for outlets to distribute the content that’s created. We offer a unique opportunity to companies wanting to distribute their content across our popular network of health IT-focused Web sites, e-mail newsletter, Twitter, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, and Google+ network.

Here are a few of the available Distribution options:

  • Banner Advertising – A number of banner ad options are available across the network of 14 websites. Full media kit available for banner ads.
  • Blog Posts – An open ended or other sponsored blog post linking to your content on one or more of the 14 websites.
  • Twitter Promotion – A tweet including a link to your content sent out to our @ehrandhit (~14k followers) and @techguy (~3500 followers) Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn Promotion – An email sent to members of the HealthcareScene (~600 people) and nextHospital (~2800 people) LinkedIn groups. Email will also be posted to the LinkedIn group.
  • Facebook Promotion – An email sent to members of the HealthcareScene (~650 people) Facebook group.
  • Google+ Promotion – An email sent to members of the HealthcareScene (~400 people, ~100 Health IT Thought Leaders will be email notified) Google+ network.

Due to the always changing nature of social media marketing, we only do custom pricing for each of the distribution options. Please contact us on our Contact Us page with which distribution options interest you and we will be happy to provide custom pricing.